All Fanta Logos and its Symbol, History, PNG and Brand

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Throughout its history, the well-known beverage brand Fanta has undergone several logo changes. Come along as we examine the development of the Fanta logo, its symbolism, its lengthy history, the pyramids located in the rocky cliffs, and significant brand discoveries.

History of Fanta Logo

Due to trade restrictions, Coca-Cola’s German business encountered difficulties during World War II, which led to the creation of Fanta in Germany. In response, they used the ingredients that were on hand to make a new beverage that became known as Fanta. Since then, Fanta has developed into a well-known worldwide brand with a wide variety of tastes and a lengthy history.








2000 – 2004








Evolution of Fanta Logo

Fanta’s logos have changed over time to correspond with shifting fashions and the company’s identity. Every version of the logo, from the beginning to the present, has stayed loyal to Fanta’s basic principles while showcasing the company’s colorful and lively personality.

Symbols in Fanta Logo

Fanta logos frequently use eye-catching colors, strong text, and whimsical graphics to represent the brand’s exuberance and refreshing nature. Customers find these symbols appealing because they evoke the enthusiasm, excitement, and good vibes that come with sipping Fanta drinks.

Brand Significance

As a global beverage brand, Fanta holds significant cultural and commercial significance. Its logos serve as a visual representation of the brand’s identity, values ​​and promise to consumers around the world. From its inception to the present day, the Fanta logo continues to attract audiences and strengthen brand loyalty.

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