Valentine’s Day Puzzle : I Love You to Pieces

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This Valentine’s Day craft, I Love You to Pieces Craft, is a classic that’s been popular for quite some time. It’s an excellent activity for toddlers on Valentine’s Day. Usually, we draw ours, but many have asked for a template, so I’ve created one for you.

Table of Contents

Valentine’s Day Craft for I Love You to Pieces

This Valentine’s Day craft is easy for kids of all ages to enjoy. I appreciate its simplicity and that most children can tackle it independently.

Instead of cutting up paper, I suggest letting your toddler rip it—it’s a fantastic, acceptable motor activity that can extend the fun. This craft pairs perfectly with our Valentine’s Heart suncatcher activity.

What you need: 

  • Printable Paper
  • Scrap paper in any color 
  • Glue – I always recommend using a glue stick since it’s easier for small hands to manage.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Craft

First of all, take a piece of red paper.

After that, you cut the paper in a paper clip.

Cut a lot of paper in Pussle Shap.

Now get an I love you printable paper.

Now, take the beads individually and stick them in the shape of I love you.

Next Step

After that, I love you in full color.

Next Step

After sticking everything, the excellent Valentine’s Day I Love You to Pieces craft is ready.

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