Cute And Easy Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Kids

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Halloween, everyone’s favorite holiday, is almost here! And candy and costumes—every parent knows why. It may be enjoyable and beneficial to also involve the kids in a crafting activity that will foster their creativity, help them develop their fine motor skills, and, selfishly, keep them out of your hair for a short while—even though most parents are more than happy to indulge them in both (at least for one night a year).

Okay, if we’re honest, we can’t guarantee kids won’t be calling “mom” or “dad” within a minute or two, but with these easy pumpkin craft ideas, you can set up the supplies and walk away. So gather your stuff at the craft store and prepare for a Halloween-making extravaganza!

The tiniest ones will enjoy adding googly eyes to a pumpkin they stamped from a sliced apple or painting their handprint in the center of a pumpkin they sculpted from air-dry or oven-baked clay. Older children will enjoy helping prepare the Halloween table by folding an orange napkin into the shape of a pumpkin for each place setting or stacking sheets of orange craft paper to create a ruffled pumpkin with a stick stem.

Before kids dress up, do some tricks, and devour fistfuls of candy, set up a crafting station and watch what enjoyable project they decide to produce. We would also be thrilled to see them! Post images in the space provided for comments below!

Pumpkin Napkin Fold Craft

Get the kids involved in setting the Halloween table by having them fold napkins into adorable pumpkin shapes.

Construction Paper Jack-O-Lantern | Halloween Diy Paper

No mess from carving! Make appropriate Halloween pumpkins out of orange honeycomb balls that you can place on your front porch.

On assemble: Cut out the stems and face features from construction paper, then attach them to the balls using glue dots.

Primitive Pumpkin Cutting Craft

Younger children can carve pumpkin leaves from green paper, while older children can stain or paint round wooden cutting boards orange. After they are all assembled, hang them from the kitchen stove’s vent hood or the front door. 

To make:

  1. Apply an orange stain or paint to round wooden cutting boards.
  2. Using green craft paper, cut out the leaves of a pumpkin vine, then tie green twine around the board.
  3. Curl green pipe cleaners into tendrils and encircle the handle with them.
  4. Tie a piece of string through the handle’s opening and suspend it from a nail.

Make Origami Halloween Lights Craft

Children fold orange wax paper into tiny jack-o’-lanterns or white wax paper into cute ghosts and draw on lovely faces. Attach pumpkins to Christmas or fairy lights with tape, then hang them from a limb, over their headboard, or around the mantle.

Get Handmade Charlotte’s tutorial.

Browse The Handmade Charlotte Playbook for more inspiration.

Easy Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favours Craft

Whether you’re making them for a Halloween party you’re hosting or for trick-or-treaters, kids will love making orange tissue paper into pumpkins packed with candy. Keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t eat all the sweets!

Visit One Little Project to obtain the lesson.

DIY Puzzle Pumpkin Craft

This simple project combines a Halloween craft with a game! Create additional faces, such as ghosts and cats, on the opposite side for a reversible game that offers twice the enjoyment.

Visit Made Everyday to get the tutorial.

Halloween Paper Lanterns Kid Craft

With just a few scissor cuts, kids will be astonished to see these paper lanterns take shape. Add a traditional Jack-o’-lantern face and a battery-operated votive for a charming glow.

Visit The Crafting Chicks to obtain the tutorial.

Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Balloon Pinata Craft

Filling a pumpkin balloon piñata with candies for the yearly Halloween celebration with family will be a hit with kids.

Visit The Gunny Sack to get the instruction.

Halloween Party Poppers Filled with Candy Craft

Gather those empty toilet paper tubes so you can use them as party favors! Allow your children to stuff them with their favorite Halloween candies before decorating the exterior—of course, in the shape of pumpkins!

Easy Felt Pumpkin Treat Bags Craft

This felt pumpkin bag is ideal for sewing with just a few materials and stitches.

Halloween Tic Tac Toe Craft

*This Halloween-themed tic tac toe game, which kids can construct from scratch using a wooden tray and peg dolls from the craft store, will keep children occupied for hours.

Salt Dough Handprint Halloween Keepsake Craft 

These charming miniature handprint pumpkins will let kids indulge their love of getting their hands messy!

Felt Animal Finger Puppets Craft

The fun doesn’t end when you make a felt finger puppet of a friendly pumpkin, ghost, or mummy. Prepare yourself for the endless drama of the theatrical variety after all the characters are created!

Pumpkin Apple Stamps  Craft

Cut an apple in half. You have a simple-to-use stamp for creating cards with pumpkin printing and more. Put pipe cleaners for the stem and googly eyes on it. Expert advice: To create a flawlessly curled tendril, wrap the green pipe cleaner around a pencil.

Clay pins with Halloween ghosts, pumpkins, and leaves with goggle eyes.

Pumpkin Cookie Cutter Pins Craft

These cookie cutter-shaped clay pins allow kids to celebrate Halloween all month by putting them on their shirts or backpacks.

More Craft Ideas For Kids

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