How to Make Slime Infinity Craft

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Inspired by the film Avengers End Game, this simple DIY Infinity Gauntlet slime craft is glittery and full of sparkle. This homemade infinity gauge slime is fun to make and play with for kids of all ages! This simple DIY Infinity Gauntlet slime craft is perfect if your child is a Marvel lover!

Infinity Gatlet Slime Craft

The texture of this slime craft is perfect for slime play—it’s just elastic enough. The slime shimmers and shines in an amazing way as it is stretched out.

Make Infinity Slime Craft

First, fill the bowl with your clear glue bottle.

Add your baking soda next, and well whisk.

Add your gold mica powder now and thoroughly mix.

Stir your saline solution in carefully as you add it. The slime will begin to take shape immediately; continue adding saline solution until the desired consistency is achieved.

To make the slime more malleable and stretchable, give it a little kneading.

Now all you need to do is add the gemstones. The gauntlet comes in the colors listed above, so feel free to add as many as you wish. Enjoy playing with this awesome slime!

Complated Craft for Infinity Slime

How stretchy is that homemade slime? I adore how several shades of gold shimmer when placed next to one another.

See how the hues of the gold alter in the natural light by placing your slime next to a window.

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