30+ Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids

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Let’s make some fun Crafts for the kids to enjoy on Turkey Day! We’ve got thirty kid-friendly Thanksgiving crafts for a month to keep the small ones occupied throughout November. Of course, turkeys will be abundant, but there will also be some Pilgrims, maize, and even a Mayflower craft.

Best Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday since it’s not one of those extravagant ones. Since the main themes include family, friends, unity, sharing a Thanksgiving meal, and expressing thankfulness, this is a great chance to spend quality time doing crafts and some quiet time with the kids.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft With Accordion Legs

This turkey craft is easy with a few simple craft items and our printable pattern! For toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, it is ideal. For small hands, cutting the shapes and folding the accordion legs is a great way to train fine motor skills.

Rainbow Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids

For this vibrant turkey Craft, a template is included to make cutting out the shapes a breeze! Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy practicing color identification using tail feathers, which come in various hues.

Diy Clay Pot Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft

This is a crafty activity that older children may assist with to create some porch or house décor. This is an excellent method to transform your terracotta pots for the fall season.

DIY Thanksgiving Preschool Puzzles Craft

Make your own Thanksgiving puzzles with paint markers and popsicle sticks. If drawing isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Make a Pilgrim cap, a turkey leg, or something essential to make it easy. In either case, the children will love solving these puzzles.

Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Turkey Windsocks

These windsocks of turkeys are too cute! Make one for yourself with a tin can and more craft items, including paint, ribbon, and feathers. When your guests stop by for Thanksgiving dinner, won’t they look fantastic hanging from the porch or a tree branch?

Turkeys of Different Feathers – Thanksgiving Craft of Inclusion

Use a creative craft and lesson with a turkey theme to teach children about the value of inclusivity. Use the turkey puppets to demonstrate to those with diverse customs, backgrounds, etc. Who doesn’t adore finger puppets, too? Retell some of your best tales with a turkey theme using them.

Thankful Turkey Printable and Craft 

We occasionally need to gain sight of the true meaning of Thanksgiving, which is to appreciate our blessings. This project allows children to express their creativity and encourages them to think about thankfulness. This is an excellent Craft to do at home or in the classroom.

Doily Turkey Craft for Kids

Try this doily turkey craft if you’re searching for a straightforward project for your preschooler or toddler! Younger children will enjoy using their dot markers to decorate the doily.

Fall Corn Cob Counting Craft

Try this corn project instead of the turkey craft if you’re not into crafts. It’s a kid-friendly craft that helps with counting, number recognition, and developing fine motor skills.

Best Thanksgiving Turkey Salt Painting

Your kids might not have attempted this clever process art activity before. Youngsters will paint over a salt and glue outline, creating a unique texture.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Kids Craft

Create adorable Pilgrim hat decorations with the kids using plastic cups, paint, and felt embellishments. They’ll look quite cute placed on your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Craft: Pony Bead Indian Corn

The Five Kernels of Corn fable is an excellent fit for this fine motor painting exercise. It’s also a great conversation starter to discuss how Native Americans utilize maize and why Thanksgiving is linked.

Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bags

Prepare treat bags filled with turkey goodies for your child’s class, or distribute them to your Thanksgiving guests. The children may quickly assemble these adorable creatures. You will need little bags, felt, and googly eyes for this craft.

DIY Turkey Craft for Toddlers

Do you need to make a festive yet healthful snack for the kids? These orange-flavored turkeys from Mandarin match the bill! Use a food-grade adhesive if you’re concerned that the glue will come into touch with the orange rind.

Lego Indian Corn Craft for Kids

The rough appearance of this Indian corn craft is achieved by stamping paint with LEGOs. Isn’t that enjoyable? The kids can quickly assemble this with only construction paper, scissors, glue, paint, and a few LEGOs.

Paper Plate Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Tissue Paper

Take out your tissue paper and paper plate to create this vibrant, multicolored turkey! The tail feathers look so lovely because of how the various colored tissue paper is layered.

Cardboard Tube Indian Corn Craft

Use your paper towel or toilet roll tubes to create these adorable Indian corn cobs! It appears to be maize still in its husk.

Thanksgiving Foam Turkey Crafts

When you need a kid-friendly activity but can’t handle one more mess, mess-free crafts are ideal. Markers can be used in place of a small quantity of paint.

Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Cootie Catcher 

Recall your school days crafting cootie catchers? This rendition is not a fortune teller but a turkey. Children may use them to enact stories about turkeys or the Five Little Turkeys song.

Easy Paper Bag Pilgrim Craft 

Learn about the Pilgrims to commemorate the festival. Playing with and creating these paper bag puppets is enjoyable, and the printable pattern helps with piece size.

Turkey Handprint Thanksgiving Craft

A charming craft with turkeys and pilgrims! This is a fun Thanksgiving craft that you should put in the scrapbook to remember those tiny hands in the future.

Simple Shape Turkey Craft

Children can learn to recognize and cut their shapes with the help of this easy-form turkey craft constructed of circles, triangles, and rectangles.

Colorful Watercolor Turkey Craft for Kids

Watercolors are the last thing that comes to mind when you think about turkey crafts, but they should! For the turkey feathers, the green, yellow, orange, and red paints mix wonderfully with liquid watercolors, which are a little more vibrant.

Turkey Tissue Paper Suncatcher Craft

Lean your windows open and let the soft fall light dance across the feathers of this adorable turkey suncatcher. This is an excellent craft for preschoolers!

Awesome Elbow Macaroni Turkey Craft

Pasta crafts are a kid’s favorite. You’ll create a wonderfully colorful and textured turkey by painting elbow macaroni for this one. The macaroni’s layers resemble the texture of feathers on birds.

DIY Paper Plate Mayflower Ship Craft

Although a ship may not seem like a typical Thanksgiving craft, the Mayflower, which carried the Pilgrims to North America, is an excellent opportunity to incorporate another historical event into a lively and exciting Thanksgiving lesson.

Easy Corn on the Cob Craft Painting for Kids

Preschoolers and toddlers will enjoy painting with corn cobs! It makes a delightful print on the paper that may be used as wrapping material for gifts to be given to those born in November or as a background for other Thanksgiving Crafts.

Thanksgiving Turkey Cork Crafts

Use the wine corks from your autumnal gatherings to create this adorable cork turkey for Thanksgiving. You could use them as napkin rings for dinner by attaching a ring of cloth to the back or a magnet to the back to display them on the fridge.

Easy Turkey Finger Puppets

These adorable finger puppets are simple to make, requiring only construction paper and googly eyes! To keep the small ones occupied before or after Thanksgiving meal, this would make an excellent craft for the kids’ table.

Cardboard Roll Fall Leaf Turkey Craft 

Make crafts inspired by nature for Thanksgiving. Gathering some vibrant fall foliage from your yard may make these cardboard roll and leaf turkeys. Indeed they will look lovely on your table.

More Craft Ideas For Kids

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