Simple Wood Cutting Board Design with Handle

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Make a stylish DIY wood cutting board with a handle! Choose quality hardwood, cut and sand to size, add a handle and finish with a food-safe oil. Perfect for use in the kitchen or as a handmade gift!

Looking for a beautiful DIY wood cutting board design? Follow this simple recipe for a cutting board that’s both useful and elegant. Start with a long-lasting hardwood like maple or walnut. Cut your piece of wood to size, sand the edges. Make a handle by cutting a small rectangular extension at one end or attaching it to a separate piece.

So round the edges of the handle and drill a hole for hanging. A few more coats of oil finish the process and leave the countertop looking buff and get a food-safe wood oil on it to highlight the grain and protect the surface. Great to use in the kitchen or gift as a handmade gift!

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