Simple Parrot Drawing Step by Step for Kids

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Looking for easy parrot drawing ideas for kids? Sketch an oval body, circle head, curved beak, and wings. Add details, bold lines, and vibrant colors. Perfect for school or home activities!

How to draw a parrot step by step for beginners with easy animals to draw a cute parrot for kids which is so easy to follow. Step 1 Begin by sketching the parrots body with an oval and the head with a circle. Insert a spray stick and style as desired to create curly feathers by snipping the tip off with scissor and curl with pencil. Draw a curved beak and add a small circle for eyes. Erect form of wings that can be seen from the body and curved lines on two sides with a sharp-pointed tail at the base. Spend time feathering in details like feet. Then draw the outline with thick lines….. I colored the parrot green, red and blue…. The unruffled parrot drawing tutorial is intended for kids and beginners, which makes the drawing process easy and fast. Great for school projects or fun at home art creation.

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