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Find the history, meaning, and access to the PNG files of the Scrub Daddy logo. Learn the story behind the smiley sponge!


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Scrub Daddy Logo

Scrub Daddy is an American company headquartered in New Jersey. It specializes in producing smiley-shaped cleaning sponges made of polymer material that adjusts to the temperature of the water, becoming firmer or softer accordingly. The company also offers other product lines such as pads, sink organizers, distributors, and erasers.

Scrub Daddy Logo for History and Meaning

The idea for these sponges came when Aaron Cruse was cleaning dishes around 2011-2012. The company began in 2012, when Cruise launched a successful marketing campaign, including a TV collaboration. In the Shark Tank episode, he made a deal with Lori Greiner for 20% shares, $200,000.The next day, he sold 42,000 sponges in 7 minutes on QVC. Greiner continued to assist Cruz in selling his products in American retail stores. By 2017, sales exceeded $100 million, which doubled by 2019.

Scrub Daddy Logo for 2015-Today

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