Easter Door Decoration Ideas for School

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This fun torn paper bunny craft will bring plenty of smiles during the Easter season or any day throughout the year!

Easter Bunny Classroom Door Decorations

Pupils adore decorating for and celebrating holidays. Thus, I prefer to decorate our classroom door once a month to provide a little happiness to my learning environment. Every month, students eagerly anticipate the topic. I also enjoy utilizing easter bunny classroom door decorations in April.

Spring and Easter Classroom Decorations

They decorated the Little Discovery Childcare Center with lovely spring and easter decorations! Easter comes on April 4th, and spring arrives on March 19th, so they kind of overlap this year! See what was on exhibit during Easter and Spring!

Springtime Bulletin Board

The bulletin board looked great for the upcoming spring! Watching all the insects and creatures that come out for the season was terrific.

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorating

I woke early this morning to decorate my daughter’s teacher’s door. For teacher appreciation week, homeroom moms adorn the classroom doors at our school, one of several that follow this custom. You might say that Aimée and I are becoming door decorating specialists because we were also in charge of the SNAP Door Decorating competition. I thought it might be entertaining to share a few of the doors I spotted today in the school corridor.

Spring Themed Door Decor With Creative Shapes

In addition to bulletin boards, classroom doors also require seasonal decor! Create a charming display full of ladybugs to adorn your entrance for the spring and make everyone’s day happier. Not only is this ladybug notepad ideal for crafts and learning activities, but it’s also great for decorating! So get your ladybug notepad and go to work!

Easter Classroom Door

Easter Door: I went to the Dollar Tree and got some flowers and butterflies. The pupils used a handout I obtained online to color an egg.

Elf Surveillance Door Decor

A Santa Claus is coming to your school! Ms. Bee, a kindergarten teacher, dressed her students as Santa’s helpers by dressing them like miniature elf bodies. With the “Elfie Selfie” elf photo templates we’ve provided below, you may quickly reproduce this appearance.

You’ll need white cotton balls and red and white paper to make the Santa Claus in the corner. The little elves stand out so much against the blue paper background!

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