Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas Easy for School

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A child’s imagination may run wild while creating fun crafts using bottles.
Because plastic bottles are so standard, removing them might take much work. However, you may use this threat to your benefit by attempting kid-friendly plastic bottle crafts. If you have an abundance of water bottles at home, you and your children may use them to create lovely crafts.

Your kids will love the activity, and it will assist you in recognizing their creative abilities. Here is a collection of great kid-friendly plastic bottle crafts that can inspire you to make something lovely at home and teach your kids the value of upcycling.

Kids’ Plastic Bottle Crafts

Plastic bottles are renowned for being strong and flexible. Use them to create lovely crafts or DIY artwork to adorn your house. Get started with your kids for some incredible family bonding and crafting time after cleaning the bottle and removing the label by soaking it in warm water for a bit.

Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case

There is no better way to stand out at school than with this pencil case. This is a craft that is both practical and simple to make.

How to Make Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case

  • Cut one Coke bottle at a distance of four inches from the bottom and the other at a distance of two and a quarter inches.
  •  Please make sure the cut edges are smooth by sanding them.
  •  Measure the zipper length around the bottles, then trim off any extra.
  •  Trim a tiny felt rectangle, then adhere it to the zipper’s end with adhesive. This keeps the zipper from fully opening.
  •  To attach the zipper to the bottle, use hot glue. Make sure there is adequate room left for the zipper to operate efficiently.
  •  Leave the zipper’s felt end unglued.
  •  Put hot glue on the zipper’s opposite (inner top) side and attach it to the other bottle.
  •  Verify that the felt piece fits precisely. Cut it and attach it to both bottles with hot glue if needed.

DIY Plastic Bottle Apple

A daily apple saves you from the doctor. This apple prevents your surroundings from being contaminated by plastic.

How to make Plastic Bottle Apple

  • Cut approximately three inches from the base of every bottle.
  • To ensure that there are no sharp edges, sand the edges.
  • Cut a hole in the middle of one of the bottom sections using heated scissors.
  • Tie a knot inside after passing the string or ribbon through the opening.
  • Slice off a few leaves and a stem from the felt.
  • Sew them together.
  • Glue them onto the thread or ribbon.
  • The cellophane, tissue paper, or fabric should be crumpled before being placed inside the other cup.
  • Press down until the cups fit tightly, then place one on the other.
  • To ensure that the two cups won’t separate, apply tape or adhesive.

DIY Vertical Gardening Tutorial

There is nothing better than this approach if you want to teach your kids about making the “best out of waste.” Create a plastic bottle garden for new plants.

How to Make Vertical Gardening

  • Wherever you want to put the vertical garden, drill holes in the wall and put the nails through them. Your bottle size will determine how far apart the holes are.
  • Slice a rectangle out of a bottle’s middle.
  • To make the edges smoother, sand it.
  • Four holes should be drilled in the bottle: two on opposing sides, one below the cap, and the other two an inch above the bottom. You can also use a pair of hot scissors to make the holes.
  • Additionally, drill a few holes on the other side of the rectangular aperture.
  • After folding the rope, insert one end through the top two holes and the other through the bottom two holes.
  • Securely fasten the free rope ends to the nails by tying them there. At this point, the rectangular aperture on your bottle will be pointing upwards and horizontally.
  • After adding dirt to the bottle, plant the seeds.

Diy Plastic Bottle Butterflies Recycled 

Create these lovely plastic bottle butterflies to hang on your walls. They may be constructed in various colors, designs, and sizes and are simple to make.

How to Make Plastic Bottle Butterfly Recycled 

  • On the bottle, sketch and cut out the shape of a butterfly.
  • Using permanent markers, sketch the wing patterns.
  • Use Sharpies to add color to the designs.
  • To make the butterflies appear lifelike, fold them at the joints of each wing.
  • Form a V with the pipe cleaner.
  • Beads should be strung down one side of this form.
  • To create the butterfly’s head, twist the V together and thread a large bead.
  • To create antennae, curl the pipe cleaner’s ends.
  • Orient the bead so that the wings face both directions toward the head.
  • They are glued in place with hot glue.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Your kids will be able to view birds up close with these highly functioning bird feeders.

How to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

  • Make a small hole in the bottle’s lid and slide the tiny eye screw through it.
  • Tie yarn through the screw’s eye.
  • Create two sets of holes in the bottle: one toward the bottom and one around the middle. The holes in each pair should be square across from one another.
  • Through these holes, insert the chopsticks.
  • Put some birdseed in the bottle.
  • Make a sufficient opening so that the birds may get to the food.
  • Put the cap back.
  • Attach the twine’s other end to a branch.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandelier

This chandelier is a simple and stylish decorative element you may create for your house. Made entirely of plastic bottles, it will spark conversation at the dinner table and provide excellent illumination.

How to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Chandelier

  • Slice the various-sized bottles about 2 inches down from the bottom.
  • Apply a layer of white paint on them. Once the white base coat is applied, you may use other colors.
  • Place these bottle fragments together. They ought to converge in the form of a dome.
  • Thread the wire through the opening created by the two parts.
  • Connect the holder to the wire’s inner end.
  • Install the bulb and tighten the screw.

Easy Plastic Jellyfish Craft

Make your child a jellyfish to put in a plastic bottle if they are interested in sea life. They can watch their jellyfish and even think of it as a pet.

How to Make Plastic Jellyfish Craft

  • Slice off a tiny portion of the plastic bag.
  • Fold the ends into a balloon shape. Use the string to tie it loosely.
  • Make the sheet’s edges into tentacle-like shapes by cutting them.
  • Pour water into the area of the sheet that has expanded.
  • Place it into the container. At the bottom, it will settle.
  • Fill the bottle with water after adding a few drops of blue food coloring to the water.
  • Put the cap back on.
  • To get the jellyfish to float, shake the bottle.

Plastic Bottlecap Mosaic

Utilizing bottle caps, create a lovely mosaic to enliven a wall or any other surface. Ask your friends and neighbors to conserve their bottle caps if you don’t have enough.

How to Make Plastic Bottlecap Mosaic

  • Decide which surface you want to use for the mosaic. It may be made on a fence, a garden wall, or a canvas board.
  • Use a pencil to sketch a design on the surface.
  • Choose the design’s color palette.
  • Each cap should have glue applied to the top before being attached to the surface in the pattern of your choice.

Creative Plastic Spoon Lamp Craft

Made from plastic spoons, this simple-to-assemble plastic light looks lovely when lit. You may hang it in your dining room or living room for a softer lighting effect.

How to Make Creative Plastic Spoon Lamp Craft

  • Slice off the bottle’s bottom by one inch. Take off the cover.
  • Each spoon should be cut slightly below the flat part.
  • The spoon’s inner, concave surface should be covered with hot glue before being attached to the bottle from the bottom.
  • After finishing a layer, place the subsequent layer halfway over the completed layer.
  • This procedure should be repeated until the entire bottle is coated.
  • One end of the wire should be passed through the bottle’s mouth and attached to the holder.
  • Place the lamp where you want it to be after screwing in the bulb.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Not only is this adorable piggy bank constructed of plastic bottles, but it also encourages kids to save money. Make a couple of them for different uses, such as spending, saving, and giving.

How to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

  • Make a hole that is about two and a half inches square. The rectangle’s long side ought to go the whole bottle length.
  • Cut out shapes for the ears and nose in a circle using the paper.
  • Attach them to the container. The round shape needs to cover the bottle’s cap.
  • Add the gooey eyeballs with glue.
  • Four bottle caps should be glued to the bottle’s lower side below the incision. These will form the pig’s legs.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

You may store all of your stylish accessories on this lovely jewelry stand. In addition, making it is simple.

How to Make Recycled Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

  • Cut the bottles from the bottom to resemble flowers using a knife and scissors.
  • Make holes in the middle of each “flower.”
  • Slide them through the rod and encase each with nuts and washers on both ends. The base of the stand will be formed by the lowest “flower,” facing down. The others will have their backs to you.
  • Tighten each nut to a firm grip.

Plastic Bottle Monsters Fun Crafts Kids

For Halloween, you may craft these creatures from empty plastic bottles.

How to Make Plastic Bottle Monsters Fun Crafts

  • Take an empty, dry, and clean plastic bottle and use a marker to sketch your monster’s face on it.
  • Cut off the mouth hole and the bottle’s top using the knife.
  • Choose your paint colors for the beast.
  • If needed, apply two or three coats.
  • Allow the paint to completely dry.
  • Add the candy and set the monster outside your front door for trick-or-treating.

More Craft Ideas For Kids

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